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Top 7 Free Typing Test Websites 2022

Date: Oct 03, 2022

Top 7 Free Typing Test Websites 2022

In this information age, we have become more reliant on using keyboards when writing. Typing accurately and quickly has become essential for daily communication, especially in our jobs. It is no wonder that some companies require a typing test when applying for a job. 

Typing well impacts our productivity. Imagine typing the wrong values on a financial spreadsheet or misspelling names on your thesis citation. Pretty problematic, huh? Fret not; we have listed the top 7 free websites and their features so you can choose where to start your typing practice. 

What are the Top 7 Free Typing Test Websites in 2022?

◾ Monkeytype


◾ Keyhero

◾ Type Test 

◾ Ratatype

◾ Typing_Test

◾ 10 Fast Fingers 


This website has a clean look. You can register for free to personalize the appearance of your interface and save your tests so you can track your progress.

The website also allows you to adjust the text difficulty (normal to expert). Mokeytype's default mode gives you 250 words to practice on, but you can expand it up to 1000 words.

Monkeytype also offers special modes allowing users to alter word generation, such as generating numbers, perfect for accountants. This website determines your performance by measuring your speed/ words per minute (wpm), accuracy, and consistency. You can also connect with the community of users through its discord.  



This website is aesthetically pleasing, having light earth tones, but it also allows users to work in dark mode. You can also choose a large text and go full-screen mode.

It provides guided lessons that generate random words according to phonetic rules in specific languages, making it perfect for beginners. The key set expands as you progress with your typing test performance. 

You can also upload a different set of texts to practice in advanced mode. There are also three options for texts- common words, pseudowords, and book paragraphs. There is also a multiplayer game mode where you can race with other typists.  

It offers five types of keyboards- US QWERTY, UK, US Dvorak, US Colemak, and US Workman. There are seven languages available, English being its default. 



Keyhero's website displays a straightforward interface. Thanks to its provision of wpm and accuracy graph below the typing textbox, you can easily see your performance. However, the texts are smaller than other websites, especially for the tutorials section. 

The test results are color-coded, each color representing the type of error you committed. It also tells you when you slowed down and sped up.

In terms of texts, registered users can submit quotes for them to practice on. There are 25 languages available, which is relatively plentiful. There is a forum for its users to discuss typing and keyboard-related topics. 


TypeTest is another minimalistic website and a user-friendly one. Below the text box are settings you can adjust. Test duration ranges from 10 seconds to five minutes. The default setting instructs you to type 100 words, but you will be given 1000 words for typing test. You can also choose to include numbers and punctuation.

The uses metrics similar to Monkeytype. The program records your raw wpm accounting for your typing speed for all the characters in words, both correct and incorrect, and considers accuracy.


Ratatype is very learner-centered. The interface is easy to navigate, and it is beginner friendly since it provides a typing tutor that shows proper positioning of fingers when typing. It teaches touch-typing techniques for 13 types of keyboard layouts ( 13 languages). 

If you need a certificate, you can generate one after the test. In Ratatype, wpm is calculated by dividing your correctly typed words by five ( the average character count per word). Ratatype would not allow you to keep typing when you commit an error, so you must correct it first.  

Teachers can use this site to help their students improve their typing skills because the website allows Google Classroom integration. To keep it more engaging, Ratatype has a game mode where friends and groups can play and compete. 


TypingTest caters to two primary users; students and recruiters. It lets the users benchmark their typing skills by comparing their results to other members. 

The test duration ranges from one to 10 minutes. Like the other sites, you can choose the type of test difficulty. If you want a little more challenge, opt for the Advanced Test, where you can select from tricky spelling, blind typing, story typing, and themed text. 

Recruiters and professionals can benefit from legal, medical, business, and even coding tests. You will receive a digital certificate upon finishing the test. For students, there are numerous games you can enjoy. Teachers can also use the TypeTastic link to help their students improve their typing skills.


10 Fast Fingers

The interface of this website is also simple. A panel on the left side of the text box lets you choose the type of test you could take. The default test gives you 200 words, while the advanced yields 1000 words. 

You can customize the test by embedding a list of words in the text box and choosing the test duration. The measures the user's wpm by calculating keystrokes, accuracy, and correct and wrong words. Tests are available in 54 languages this is why it is a popular site.

It also has a multiplayer mode, competition, and forum section for users to connect. 



All the websites mentioned above have features that can help you score better on a typing test. Two websites stood out in terms of offering tests for more specific niches; Monkeytype and TypingTest. Monkeytype, Keybr, and Type Test have the cleanest look in terms of interface. If you are a student and would like to learn more tips, visit Ratatype and TypingTest. Among all these websites, 10 Fast Fingers have the most languages available. If you need certificates, take the test on TypingTest and Rataype websites. 

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Let us know your thoughts. Share your favorite site for typing practice.