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The 5 Best Typing Games Online in 2024 (Improve Your Typing Speed)

Date: Aug 23, 2022

The 5 Best Typing Games Online in 2024 (Improve Your Typing Speed)

There are a lot of resources created to better improve your skills in typing. These tools are used to enhance and assist you in your pursuit to be the best and most accurate typer that you can be. Surprisingly, some of these tools come in a more fun and exciting way. This certainly proves that work and amusement can go closely together.


One of the best ways to learn to type fast and accurately is to play. There are a lot of available online typing games that will help you develop your skills over time. Here are the top five (5) best typing games to improve your speed.

What Are The 5 Best Typing Games Online in 2024?

◾ Typing Attack

◾ Keyboard Ninja

◾ Type The Alphabet

◾ Cat Typing Game

◾ Cool Dog Teaches Typeing

Typing Attack

In the educational game "typing attack," you practice typing words swiftly. To try and survive an attack in space is your mission. You must input the words that indicate an approaching ship in order to destroy it before it gets close enough to you to do the same. Higher levels of difficulty are accessible; allowing the player to select between a more gradual learning pace and some other challenges involving intense shooting. 


One game on this website, which is blasting ships, requires laser-sharp focus on words. The moving ships and blasting action can become distracting when the action picks up. The ideal tactic is to maintain composure while inputting words connected with the ships that you initially detect, as opposed to actively attempting to determine which ship is approaching your position more rapidly.


When you start typing a word, you must finish destroying one ship before moving on to the next one, so if you discover that you are entering the appropriate letters but not making any progress in blasting the ship you are monitoring, look for progress on other ships. A common technique to get behind is to make a mistake and type the first letter of a ship you are not paying attention to. The key to playing the game properly in such a situation is recovering quickly.


There are a lot of games to choose from on this website. It has a total of one hundred and thirty-nine (139) Amazing-typing games that you can select. You can click on the upper sections of the website to play Typing Race Game, Typing Boat Race, Type Test, Typing Practice, and Type Tactic, which are also informative to the players. 


Keyboard Ninja

Becoming a Ninja is a pretty hard thing to do, let alone become a keyboard ninja. As its domain name implies, you become the ultimate “ninja” in this game of typing. It has the same game concept as “fruit ninja” where you slice fruits on the screen using your fingers or your mouse. In this particular game, however, you will be slicing fruits with corresponding letters if you typed in the correct letter. That is why it is then called, keyboard ninja.


It will drastically increase your speed in typing since there will be time limits from the moment the fruits are being thrown in the air until it falls down underneath. You must then type in all the letters with exact speed and accuracy for the fruit to be sliced in half and therefore clear the stage.


Type The Alphabet

If you are up to the challenge of proper hand placement, designated finger keys, and correct practice, this game is for you. 


This website offers an educational typing test, which is Typing the Alphabet. When you begin to type in the letter A, the clock will automatically tick and it will record your time, speed (wpm – words per minute), and your fastest time. 


During the game, if you typed in a wrong letter, you need to continue the sequence of the alphabet and not correct the mistaken letter you entered. 


The website also offers other typing games that you can choose from, like Fast Fire Typer, Typing Racer, and Twordle.


Cat Typing Game

In this game, saving the cat from being struck by arrows carrying letters is the main goal. It is intentionally designed to have players pay closer attention, which in turn speeds up their typing pace. You must type more quickly each time in order to win. To make an assessment, look at your score, which is shown below the playing bar. Your rating will rise as you perform better.


To play this, you just need to hit the start button, press the letters in the keyboard that are moving horizontally in the right direction, use both of your hands to catch up with the speed, and do not let the arrows hit the cat otherwise it will “meow”, and you will lose.


Cool Dog Teaches Typeing

Contrasting to the pet cat, this dog helps you to type fast. You will need to follow the instructions and just be patient and tolerant with the low pixels of the game.


There are only three lessons in this game, but there are some paragraphs that are fun to learn. Some lines make no sense at all and are full of typos, but should be carefully copied once they appear on the screen. Also, the use of punctuation and capitalization correctly can sometimes cause errors, but that is the fun of this. As a matter of fact, it does not focus on actually getting your spelling and punctuation right, its emphasis is on your typing speed and accuracy. So, if you are distracted by incorrect spelling and improper use of punctuation, this might not be the best game for you.


Try a downloaded version of the web game that keeps on breaking. It is available for windows and mac platforms, seventeen (17) MB and twenty (20) MB respectively, so it is not that big of a deal when it comes to storage usage. You can also create and log in as a user and converse with other players if you have questions or concerns.



Practicing regularly with these games aforementioned will not only increases your typing speed but also boost your confidence. Future aspirations, endeavors, tasks, assignments, and even jobs can be more productive, and they will surely affect your entire personality. If you're used to the arrangement of letters on your keyboard, you can type without looking at it every time. Improving your speed and body language will set you apart among others. 


These are helpful websites to improve your typing speed over a short period of time, while also having the pleasure of education, excitement, and thrill.